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Blood Promise - Richelle Mead I couldn't finish it, I am sorry. I think I was left with a permanent mark from facepalming myself while reading this book. In previous books I could overlook ridiculousness concerning all-things-russian - it wasn't that big of a deal. Usually all inconsistency in that department I perceive as a cute thing, like "look, the author has no idea, so cute". But now I wish Richelle Mead has found a consultant or something. Every page was a pain to read. I gave up after half way through. Maybe I'll just skip this one and start with 5th book.
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story - Christopher Moore My first book from Christopher Moore.
I expected a witty dialogs, cynicism and a lot of black humor.
This book has it all in spades and more. Half of the book I wanted to make in quaes. It was that hilarious.
Vampire theme has long become a clishe and sort of a bad tone.
But Mr Moore doesn't try to find something new, actually he makes fun of all known abilities of vampires. I had so much fun during the scenes of explorations.
I felt that world was a little bit too sketchy for my liking. I like having a solid background with a lot of details in worldbuilding. But maybe it will be in the next book.
I will definately read it.
The Maze Runner - James Dashner Somehow I expected more from this book. I haven't read any reviews before deciding on reading it. It was a slow start, but it was pretty OK, I thought that I'll get answers as I go. After 2/3 into the plot characters were in the same spot as they were in the beginning. No characters development, no answers, nothing. I think that James Dashner tried to make it as ' mysterious ' as he could, but in my opinion he succeeded only in making the world of ' Maze runner ' static and 2 dimensional. I couldn't understand why Newbies weren't given the basic information upon their arrival. It would only make newcomers more psychologically unstable. I can't imagine waking up in some strange place full of strangers and not remembering my name and not being given any answers. Why put newbies under more stress. This logic eludes me.
Thomas and Glaze people in general left me indifferent, they were so cardboardish. Even Chuck and his fate at the end should have left me weeping, or it was supposed to be, but I was like, 'err, OK'.

Afterwards I remembered a book by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko - "Knights of forty islands". It actually has almost the same plot, but nothing else in common. "Knights of forty islands" is an example of how this kind of book should be, 'Maze Runner" is just a poor attempt in my eyes.

I won't follow the series.
Iced - Karen Marie Moning I wasn't a big fan of Dani in the Fever series. Especially in the last book. So I began reading with some cautions. As I expected Dani irritated me at first. All her "Dude, I am a SUPERHERO" talk was ridiculous. She is 14, not 7 or 10 years old, for gods sake. But later her upbringing story especially her mother's actions made me change my opinion of her. What threw me off was how Ryodan and Christian were so hung up on her. Her age wasn't bothering me, but the suddenness of it all. Maybe I just need to re-read last book of Fever series. Ryodan is clever calculating bastard as ever. Christian - I pity him. But I hope we'll see him again in the next book. Unexpectedly, I really liked Lore character. He was so amusing. The scene with iPod actually made me laugh out loud. Another little genius - Dancer is a complete mystery. The whole book I waited for him to turn out some kind of supernatural - he is too smart to be an ordinary human.
I can't wait for the sequel.

I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver Books) - Dan Wells Somehow I expected something different from this book. I like evereyhing about serial killers in all shapes and sized. But I felt that superrnatural spin was a little too much, the story would be better off without it.
Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones So predictable, bu so much fun.
The Last Single Girl - Caitie Quinn I have only one complaint for Caitie Quinn's books - I want moooore.
The story itself was short, sweet and I totally get Sarah's situation.
I was there. )
Double Clutch: A Brenna Blixen Novel (Volume 1) - Liz Reinhardt I don't know, maybe I am too grown up for this book *shudders*, but I don't understand - what is it there that is worth of 4 stars rating ? I have finished it, but all the way I expected some kind of twist or plot development. I couldn't connect with any of the characters. Brenna was so Mary Sue to me - everybody instantly loved her. We are told that she is smart and funny and pretty hot. But there was nothing in the book to indicate it. Saxon was actually kind of interesting. I love these dark and twisted persons. But what looked to me quite promising turned out to be a zilch. Jake was just plane boring, even with his past escapades. I really hate it when main heroes are in intstalove, the moment they got together (1/3 down the storyline) I was bored out of my mind. This book actually wasn't not all bad, I loved scenes of intimacy between Jake and Brenna, and sparks between Saxon and Brenn, hence 2 stars instead of one.
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee First, when i decided to read this book, I thought i wouldn't like it. I thought here we go, another ya only with goody angels. Boy, was I wrong))) Angelfall was so out of the box, I still grin happily. Angelfall turns all beliefs of angels 180 degrees. I am not really into angel theme, but deep down there is a place from my preteens days which loves gorgeous men with wings. This book satisfied my need for a man with wings and a gritty atmosphere.
Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout My little guilty pleasure. I liked it a little bit less than the first, probably because Daemon was too nice. I loved his bastard ways and how he was blowing hot and cold in the first book. His stalkerish tactics weren't bad though. I am not sure how I feel about power-leveling of Katy.
Awkward - Marni Bates Oh, cute - that's the only word to describe it. "Awkward" is an epitome of everything cute, fluffy and this endearing kind of awkward that makes you go all "ohmygod". Usually I don't associate myself with YA heroines - I am well beyond the age of target audience. I was surprised to find some of MacKenzie qualities in highschool version of me - I preferred to be invisible then too.Almost everyone at some point was at this awkward stage, some grew out of it, some didn't. Hell, I still prefer a quiet evening with a book to a social gathering. But thanks god I wasn't THAT awkward. Youtube video was HILARIOUS. It actually made me put the book down, close my eyes and mouth 'ohmygod".
The only thing that spoiled it for me - was 'chapter' at the end with questions for "thinking it over". It so strongly reminded me of questions for review after chapters in my school textbooks that my first reaction was - WTF - it is a fiction, not a self-help book for teenagers. I mean we all got the main idea, but this is laying on too strong.
Easy - Tammara Webber I am not quite getting goodreads star system, I am not sure how to grade especially in books like this. I treat 3 stars like a 'so-so', and 4 - I liked it. On Goodreads grade 2 stars is too low, but 3 isn't adequate either. I 'll place it into "I liked it, but it was nothing special" category. A little bit cliche - childhood psychological drama for one, attempted rape for another. But it was glossed over, I couldn't feel the angst or summon appropriate degree of empathy for charactrs. It wasn't all that bad, I really like scenes between Lucas and Jackie, online flirting was entartaining. Supporting characters are sketchy at best most of ya-fiction is. I liked "Easy" - it was an easy read, but once I try to write something good about it, for some only my nitpicking is coming out.
7 Clues to Winning You - Kristin Walker 2 words - cute and adorable.
I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga I am hesitating between 4.5 and 5. I am not objective. I adore everything related to theme of serial killers and social deviance.(yes, hello Dexter, Criminal minds and Silence of the lambs). I hunt killers is right up my alley (dark and disturbing one). I liked that the story wasn't much about detective itself but about psychological aspect of killing and how sociopaths behave. It was a little disturbing looking though their eyes. Yes, Jazz is a sociopath, albeit a tightly suppressed. It is no wonder with his upbringing. I hunt killers raises a good question - what makes us the way we are. Is it Genetics, upbringing our surroundings or the decisions we make? Is Being raised by serial killer and being tough by him and molded into ideal killer automatically make you one? I deducted half a point because I guessed who the Impressionist was from first half of a book. But book leaves several questions unasked what really happened to Jazz' mother and who Billy contacts were. It is a good thing that this isn't series, a rarity nowadays. The plot leaves just the right amount of information for guessing. I will definitely check out other books of this author.
The Devil You Know - Mike Carey Noir, pure and simple. It is such a rarity nowdays. This book will be ideal for leisure autumn reading. For me pace was a little slow. It is surprising because the book itself doesn't lack action. And by the way, mistakes in Russian names, trasliteration and locations were endearingly annoying or annoyingly endearing. I have yet to decide on it, but I definitely will follow the series.
Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood I don't even know where to begin with. I didn't expect to like this book so much. the plot is pretty common. Main heroine is a witch which has to hide who she is from everybody else for the witchcraft is banned. Women all over New England are being arrested and procecuted for mere suspicion of deviant behaviour such as an independence of thought and deeds. Women are thought to be meek and obedient to husband. Every female must be married till 18. Caty is 17 she is a witch and has 2 younger sisters to look after. I really liked her character. Being the oldest after death of her mother she became the lady of the house. She has to step up to position of a parent and be responsible for keeping her sisters alive and below the radar of Brothers( analog of Inquisition). Which is not an easy task. She is cautious and overprotective. I can go on and on about her. She is a very likable character even with the fact that she has a potential of being the most powerful witch in centuries. There is a prophesy about her.(yeah, I know, prophesy, not very original). But Caty always saw her gift as a burden and always wanted to be normal. That makes her even more endearing. So the 18 birthday is approaching and she has to get married, go to the sisterhood( sort of analog of monastery) or get the husband appointed to her by brothers. Not many choices. Her childhood friend is coming home to court her and it looks like there is an easy road to take. But there is nothing every easy on her life. I am waiting for the second book in the series.