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Easy - Tammara Webber I am not quite getting goodreads star system, I am not sure how to grade especially in books like this. I treat 3 stars like a 'so-so', and 4 - I liked it. On Goodreads grade 2 stars is too low, but 3 isn't adequate either. I 'll place it into "I liked it, but it was nothing special" category. A little bit cliche - childhood psychological drama for one, attempted rape for another. But it was glossed over, I couldn't feel the angst or summon appropriate degree of empathy for charactrs. It wasn't all that bad, I really like scenes between Lucas and Jackie, online flirting was entartaining. Supporting characters are sketchy at best most of ya-fiction is. I liked "Easy" - it was an easy read, but once I try to write something good about it, for some only my nitpicking is coming out.