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Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood I don't even know where to begin with. I didn't expect to like this book so much. the plot is pretty common. Main heroine is a witch which has to hide who she is from everybody else for the witchcraft is banned. Women all over New England are being arrested and procecuted for mere suspicion of deviant behaviour such as an independence of thought and deeds. Women are thought to be meek and obedient to husband. Every female must be married till 18. Caty is 17 she is a witch and has 2 younger sisters to look after. I really liked her character. Being the oldest after death of her mother she became the lady of the house. She has to step up to position of a parent and be responsible for keeping her sisters alive and below the radar of Brothers( analog of Inquisition). Which is not an easy task. She is cautious and overprotective. I can go on and on about her. She is a very likable character even with the fact that she has a potential of being the most powerful witch in centuries. There is a prophesy about her.(yeah, I know, prophesy, not very original). But Caty always saw her gift as a burden and always wanted to be normal. That makes her even more endearing. So the 18 birthday is approaching and she has to get married, go to the sisterhood( sort of analog of monastery) or get the husband appointed to her by brothers. Not many choices. Her childhood friend is coming home to court her and it looks like there is an easy road to take. But there is nothing every easy on her life. I am waiting for the second book in the series.