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Awkward - Marni Bates Oh, cute - that's the only word to describe it. "Awkward" is an epitome of everything cute, fluffy and this endearing kind of awkward that makes you go all "ohmygod". Usually I don't associate myself with YA heroines - I am well beyond the age of target audience. I was surprised to find some of MacKenzie qualities in highschool version of me - I preferred to be invisible then too.Almost everyone at some point was at this awkward stage, some grew out of it, some didn't. Hell, I still prefer a quiet evening with a book to a social gathering. But thanks god I wasn't THAT awkward. Youtube video was HILARIOUS. It actually made me put the book down, close my eyes and mouth 'ohmygod".
The only thing that spoiled it for me - was 'chapter' at the end with questions for "thinking it over". It so strongly reminded me of questions for review after chapters in my school textbooks that my first reaction was - WTF - it is a fiction, not a self-help book for teenagers. I mean we all got the main idea, but this is laying on too strong.