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The Maze Runner - James Dashner Somehow I expected more from this book. I haven't read any reviews before deciding on reading it. It was a slow start, but it was pretty OK, I thought that I'll get answers as I go. After 2/3 into the plot characters were in the same spot as they were in the beginning. No characters development, no answers, nothing. I think that James Dashner tried to make it as ' mysterious ' as he could, but in my opinion he succeeded only in making the world of ' Maze runner ' static and 2 dimensional. I couldn't understand why Newbies weren't given the basic information upon their arrival. It would only make newcomers more psychologically unstable. I can't imagine waking up in some strange place full of strangers and not remembering my name and not being given any answers. Why put newbies under more stress. This logic eludes me.
Thomas and Glaze people in general left me indifferent, they were so cardboardish. Even Chuck and his fate at the end should have left me weeping, or it was supposed to be, but I was like, 'err, OK'.

Afterwards I remembered a book by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko - "Knights of forty islands". It actually has almost the same plot, but nothing else in common. "Knights of forty islands" is an example of how this kind of book should be, 'Maze Runner" is just a poor attempt in my eyes.

I won't follow the series.