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Iced - Karen Marie Moning I wasn't a big fan of Dani in the Fever series. Especially in the last book. So I began reading with some cautions. As I expected Dani irritated me at first. All her "Dude, I am a SUPERHERO" talk was ridiculous. She is 14, not 7 or 10 years old, for gods sake. But later her upbringing story especially her mother's actions made me change my opinion of her. What threw me off was how Ryodan and Christian were so hung up on her. Her age wasn't bothering me, but the suddenness of it all. Maybe I just need to re-read last book of Fever series. Ryodan is clever calculating bastard as ever. Christian - I pity him. But I hope we'll see him again in the next book. Unexpectedly, I really liked Lore character. He was so amusing. The scene with iPod actually made me laugh out loud. Another little genius - Dancer is a complete mystery. The whole book I waited for him to turn out some kind of supernatural - he is too smart to be an ordinary human.
I can't wait for the sequel.