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Virtuosity - Jessica Martinez 3.5 stars. I really liked It. But it could be so much better. It was fascinating to read about teenagers with such single minded purpose in life. Never in my life had I that drive, that passion about anything. That's why I enjoy reading about it so much. That alone gave the book 2.5 stars. The situation with controlling parents actually hits too close to home. Here goes another 1 star. I rarely dissect my opinion in stars. But this one is different and I am not too sure if it is a good thing. I felt that the conflict was rather watered down for Ya. It IS YA,and maybe it is not fair of me to get picky on it. I don't know why I expected *darker and more realistic*. The potential of drug addiction on anxiety relieving meds, scheming with final results of competition is endless. But everything seemed watered down somehow. I used a lot of buts in this review, because this book is a *but* itself. It is good, really good but something is not quite right, not quite there.